Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Creating" the "Sistine Chapel"

Dear Humanities Students,

I have some reminders for you:
1. Your "Renaissance Symbolism" essay is due on Wednesday, January 12th.
          a. You will need three sources (1 must be a quintessential text, and the other two may come from  the Internet)
          b. Please remember that you must include textual support in the form of quotes to support your points
          c. Select three areas associated with symbolism as discussion for your paper.
          d. Remember to use ACADEMIC VOICE (no passive verbs, no first or second person and no contractions)
          e. Remember to include an image of your particular piece in your essay.
          f. Remember that you need to reference your three sources in a "Works Citation" page

2. We continued our discussion of the artists associated with the High Renaissance. Each student had the opportunity to "take one the roll" of Michelangelo, as they painted their version of the "Sistine Chapel."

3. I have posted the question for your final exam. Please consider it, and develop some logical ideas prior to Friday.