Monday, May 2, 2011

We worked on our Five Pillars Assignment!

Dear Humanities Kids,
If you missed class, we worked on the following:
1. I gave each student an article concerning the following young woman. This article related to Muslim extremist treatment of women.
2. We then had the rest of the period to work on the "Personal Pillars" assignment.

. Journal #18 "Afghan Woman Punished"
                Tell me how this article made you feel and why you experienced those emotions. List five of the total questions that you considered the strongest. Basically, which questions, in your opinion, would cause another individual to think about, or even question, events indicated within the article.

1. Five Pillars assignment is due on Wed.
2. Please read and annotate the article concerning the woman from Afganistan.
3. Plan on a quiz covering Byzantine and Islamic culture.