Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Humanities Kids,
1. If you missed class, we submitted out FIVE PILLARS assignments, and then moved on to the Gothic time period. You will have a "quest" covering Islam, the Romanesque and Gothic time periods on Wednesday. Your PRACTICE QUIZ is below. Please remember NOT TO USE your BLUE INFORMATION sheet. STUDY prior to taking the quiz, my young friends. Good luck!

1. Identify this architectural form and then explain the functions it had regarding Gothic cathedrals.

2. Explain the origin of the architectural form in #1. You will need to return to ancient Greece for your response.
3. Explain why the exterior of Gothic cathedrals is much different than the interior.
4. Explain the importance of stain glass windows to Gothic cathedrals and the Medieval parishioners that used to attend for worship purposes.
5. Identify and explain the significance of this architectural form?

6./7. How do you know this is a Gothic structure? Please include two points