Friday, May 10, 2013

Romanesque and Gothic Time Periods

Dear Humanities Kids,

1. You must return your textbooks to the library as soon as possible.
2. CER #2 is due on Thurday, May 16th!
3. Journal entries are due on May 16th!
4. Plan on a "Quest" covering Byzantium, Romanesque, Gothic time period as well as Islam on Tuesday!

1. Okay, guys, for some reason the quiz is loading in this post. However, I have it on the post for May 2012. So go to the previous post on the right side of the home page and find the second post for May. You will see images from the Gothic time period. I will continue to post it for you here, but at least you have an alternative for the practice quiz.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to tell your mother's how much you love, value and venerate them.

Mrs. Crampton