Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't forget your "Interesting Paper" due on Monday!

Dear Humanities Kids,

We had an assembly today, so our class time was shortened. This is what we were able to accomplish:

1. I reminded everyone about their "Interesting Paper" that is due on Monday. I am happy to help you obtain information, using my texts, during Flex on Friday, December 10th. Just stop by and let me know your interests and I can easily help you located information. Remember that ONE source must come from a book, and the other sources may come from the Internet.

2. We continued discussing the Romanesque time period, and then moved on to Gothic. Please make sure you obtain this information from someone in class. We completed both time periods.

3. DON'T MISS MONDAY, as I will begin to explain your "hell assignment!"  It is based off of a piece of literature that was written during the Gothic time period. I am sure you will find it a relevant and enlightening piece of literary work.

4. We also watched a clip from a film entitled "Cathedrals."

1. CER #2 is due on FRIDAY!
2. Please don't forget that your "Interesting Essay" is due on MONDAY!