Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Humanities Kids,

1. We reviewed the information discussed last class period with a "journal review".
Journal #11: "Rome Review #2"
Please respond to each question as indicated on the power point.

2. Prior to reading the "Edict of Milan" please respond to the following:
Journal #12 Religion
Why do people argue over religion? Don't most faiths preach "peace," "compassion," and "forgiveness?" So, why is it then that so many religious discussions end in violence?

2. We then proceeded to read "The Edict of Milan" by Constantine. This document gave all faiths the right to worship during Constantine's reign.

3. We also completed the green handout regarding Rome. Those of you absent today, PLEASE stop by on Monday, so that I can give you the additional green handout that I gave to everyone on Friday.

3. We also read and discussed "Pygmalion" by Ovid. This myth is located in your textbook.

1.Plan on a "quest" covering Rome on MONDAY! You are welcome to create flashcards to assist you as a mnemonic.
2. Students received a reading concerning Pompeii that needs to be annotated for Monday (5-7/all colors).

2. Please read the myth entitled "Cupid and Psyche" in your textbook pages 121-134. This myth will appear on your Quest scheduled for Monday.