Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, my young friends, you failed to submit your first CER. YOU HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT FOR 7 WEEKS. You are welcome to submit it with your coupon on MONDAY, but you will only receive half credit. OWN THIS.....

1. We completed the god chart.
2. I showed images of the gods, and the students practiced identifying them for Journal #6.
3. Students were given a new assignment in relationship to art that has a mythological motif.  Each student received a piece of artwork that relates to the god that they researched earlier. Students will have time to work on this assignment on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY next week during class. The assignment is due on FRIDAY, October 26th and will go on next term.

4. For those of you that missed the Greek names, Roman names, Symbols and Domains I have included this information for you below.

Athena, Minerva, owl/breast plate/olive tree/spear/helmet, Wisdom and Strategy
Hephaestus, Vulcan, fire/hammer/anvil/tongs/ god of invention and creativity
Aphrodite, Venus, Doves/Roses/ sign of three/goddess of love and sex
Ares, Mars,skull/ helmet/dogs/sword/spear/shield,god of war and carnage

Hermes/Mercury/winged hat, winged shoes and caduceus/ messenger, commerce and takes the dead to the underworld.


1. Test covering Greek Gods on MONDAY! You will see pictures of the Greek gods, and I will ask that you identify the god via their symbols.  You will need to identify the Greek, Roman, one symbol not shown, and two domains if the god has more than one.

2. Remember that your journal entries are due on MONDAY.

3. Create Flashcards for the gods. You can use a 1/4 of the number that you create on the quiz.
 PRACTICE QUIZ for Friday's Quiz
Please identify the god by their Greek and Roman names, symbols not shown and domains (include all of them if they have more than one.) Some of the images depict all the symbols so identify the gods' Greek and Roman names along with their domains. I apologize that some of the images are slightly blurry. No clue????????