Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Dear Humanities Kids,

STOP MISSING CLASS, cute kids! WHY WOULD YOU MISS CLASS on a TEST DAY? WHY? I am not available during Flex to make-up your quest, because I have a prior commitment to the Mythology students. I also don't have time to visit with you after school. STOP MISSING CLASS!

1. Students were given a new assignment involving the Greek gods. Each student had the name of a god attached to their desk. This god is important for your research assignment.

JULIO....You have Hephaestus
TANIA....You have Hades
LUPITA......You have Apollo

Each student was given some information regarding their assigned god. That information is to be read, annotated/notated, 5-7/pg/ ALL COLORS. In addition, students were asked to locate an additional internet or textual source that details information about their god. PLEASE do not use WIKIPEDIA as a reliable source. A valid internet source is encyclopediamythica.com. Your additional source needs to be a minimum of a page in length. Please annotate/notate/ 5-7/ ALL YOUR COLORS. BOTH SETS of annotations are due on TUESDAY.

2. Students took their "Quest" regarding Greek culture, and then we corrected them together. Overall, everyone did quite well.   

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. We will begin with the Greek pantheon on Tuesday. DON'T MISS CLASS?