Monday, October 25, 2010

Today in class we continued with the introductory info. regarding Troy.

Dear Humanities Kids,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. I introduced the "Iliad Character" assignment. Each student selected a character from The Iliad. Your assignment involves researching that particular character, and locating information regarding the following points:
              a. Are they Greek or Trojan?
              b. Other characters associated with your own and in what capacity
              c. Your character's role within The Iliad
              d. What happens to your character (death, slavery, concubine, etc.)?

               e. You need to locate another source besides the one that I gave you in class. is a valid Internet source.
               f. Please include an image of your character on your handout.
               g. Please include a Works Cited page for your assignment

FOREST: You have Patroclus
KENZIE: You have Odysseus

PLEASE VISIT WITH ME ON TUESDAY, so that I can show you an example of the assignment, and give you the information I provided for everyone on Monday.

2. We completed the handout that I gave each student last time regarding introductory information surround Troy.

3. We watched a video entitle "Troy." You also had a journal entry that accompanied the movie.
                 Journal #5  "Interesting aspects about Troy"
               As you watch the video, please record points regarding the ancient city of Troy and Henrikk Scheilman that you found interesting.

1. Make sure you prepare for a Quiz covering the introductory information covering The Iliad on Wed.
2. Your handout is due detailing your Iliad character on Wed.
3. Locate an additional source, from the Internet or your book, detailing your character due Wed.
4. Annotate/notate (5-8/page/using brown) the information I gave you in class regarding your particular character due Wed.