Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We completed the "Influencial Greek" presentations today!

Dear Humanities Students,

Well done regarding your presentations. I appreciated your work,as I learn some points regarding the characters that I did not know!.

STEWART and CAMERON: I know that you missed class today; consequenlty, Pythagoras won't appear on your quiz next time; however, I expect that you present your information on Thursday!

What did we do in class? We completed the presentations for the following characters:
1. Aeschylus
2. Sophocles
3. Aesop
4. Phidippides
5. Sappho
6. Phidias

Please review your handouts regarding the above individuals.

1. QUIZ on Thursday covering ALL THE INFLUENTIAL GREEKS!
2. Create flashcards for the group presented today.
3. Your first "CER" is due on Friday, October 29th

Guys, use your cards for your quiz. I need to take Brianna to the Orthodontist, so I don't think I will have the time or opportunity to post a practice quiz for you; therefore, make sure you are prepared with your flashcards.