Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We learned about Hippocrates, Pythagorus, Socrates, and Alexander the Great today in class!

Dear Humanities Kids,
If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. Journal #7 Review with Aesop, Sophocles and Leonidas
           1. If the Oscars existed during my time period, I would have been nominated for best director.
           2. I was born as a slave, but given freedom due to my intellectual gifts.
           3. I believe that my line could be traced from Zeus and Hercules.
           4. Animals "teach" great lessons.
           5. "Savior" of Greece
           6. I am recognized as the most significant Greek tragedian
           7. Fables
           8. His army defeated the Persian army of 100.000 men
           9. I was a warrior and a poet
          10. Never "cry wolf"

2. We then proceeded with the presentations for Hippocrates, Pythagorus, Socrates and Alexander the Great!

1. Start making flashcards for the characters that we have discussed up to this point, as you will be able to use them on your quiz.
2. The Quiz covering the "Influential Greeks" will take place on Tuesday, March 15th