Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dearest Humanities Kids......

We completed the following today in class:

1. Journal #8  "Aescylus' wisdom"
               "Few men have the natural strength to honor a friend's success without envy."
        The above quote has merit. Do you agree with our famous playwright? Justify your response. Have you experienced such emotions within yourself concerning a friend's success? If so, please tell me about it. How can an individual call someone a friend if they possess feelings of envy? 

2. We discussed the structure of your "Iliad" test for WEDNESDAY.
     Part 1: 25 questions pertaining to aspects associated with The Iliad or The Odyssey
     Part 2: 25 questions pertaining to actual dialogue from the epic poem. You will have 25 different quotes, where I request you to identify characters based upon underlined pronouns. The quotes come directly from your textbook. MAKE SURE YOU READ The Iliad in your textbook.(pgs. 180-200). You should have done this already.
     Part 3: You will see two movie clips from TROY. The clips are incorrect based upon the actual epic poem. I will ask you to identify three inaccuracies in each clip and then to correct them.
    Part 4:  You will see several pieces of artwork that pertain to The Iliad. I will ask you to identify characters within the pieces and to explain what is taking place within the artwork.

3. We completed a "time-line" pertaining to events within the epic poem. This was useful  in reference to Part 1 of your test. You already have the handout in your notebook; it is "salmon" in color. Please obtain this information from someone in class.


Practice for extra-credit:
Instructions: Please identify the underlined the character based on the underlined pronoun.
1. "Priam cried out aloud to his not face Achilles alone, without a friend, or fate will soon find you out. _________________ "son"
2. "Even after so many of her predictions came true, nobody believed her." ____________"her"
3. "She saw no reason to explain her act. She was no murderer, but an executioner." _______________"She"
4. "You stole the daughter of Apollo's priest, now the anger of the gods is upon us." _______________"You"
5. "She made him go mad. He thought he was killing the chieftains, but instead he was destroying the cattle." _________________"him"
6. "He sent home for her, writing his wife that he had arrange a great marriage for her."____________ "her"
7. "White a force had assembled for her."__________________"her"
8. "If I take your life, then I will keep your armor, which is the custom, but if you should take my life then I request respect for my remains." _________________"I"
9. "He appeared as a coward. As the Acheaen was hauling him off by his chinstrap, Aphrodite rescued him.
               9. _________________ "He"
               10. ________________ "Acheaen"
11. "He left Troy, carrying his father on his back. _________________"He"
12. "He made a skillful worker in wood make a huge horse which was hollow and could hold a number of men."______________"He"