Friday, September 17, 2010

If you missed class on Friday, September 17th...

Dear Humanities Kids,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. I gave each student a copy of an exam response for The Bath. Do you remember the painting that we reviewed in class last time? If not, I included an image of it on the blog. I have also posted the exam example for you beneath the image. Review the student's response.

2. We completed the information regarding Alexander the Great and Sparta. Please visit with someone else in class.

3. We reviewed the three Greek architectural styles. Please note the images below.

Ionic (scroll), Doric (plain), Corinthian (ornate)

This column represents the DORIC order.

This column represents the IONIC order.

This column represents the CORINTHIAN order.

4. In addition, we reviewed the three different periods concerning Greek art: ARCHAIC, CLASSICAL and HELLENISTIC periods. We only discussed the Archaic and Classical periods; therefore, I will give you images below and a brief explanation for both here. Upon your return we will continue with the Hellenistic period.

The following two images depict a male (Kouros) and a female (Kore) in the ARCHAIC GREEK STYLE. They appear STIFF and FORMAL. Notice that the male's left leg extends outward indicating some "movement." Their expressions appear without emotion, except for a slight smile. Their hair also appears as if braided. This style was extremely stylized.

The following images follow the CLASSICAL style of Greek sculpture. More realistic and natural poses prevail; however, the face appears without emotion. Showing emotion indicated weakness.

1. Review for your exam, my young friends. Please refer to previous posts.