Thursday, September 9, 2010

What did we do in class on Thursday, September 9th?

Dear Humanities Students,

If you missed class today we completed the following:

1. Reviewed the aspects regarding "Academic Voice" and the correct citation method following MLA format. When you return, please visit with me so I can give you the corresponding handout for this information.

2. I returned your "What are the Humanities?" paper. I indicated that this response was graded purely based on "following instructions;" however, from now on I will access your work based upon the use of Academic Voice in your writing.

3. I introduced the aspects of COMPOSITION, COLOR, MOOD, BALANCE/HARMONY, and MOVEMENT by using the "Raft of Medusa" as my model. Again, please see me upon your return.

4. We viewed a clip from Edward Scissor Hands that illustraed the five elements discussed above (composition, color, mood, balance/harmony, and movement)

5. We discussed the requirements for your "Cultural Event Reports." Two are required for the semester; the first is due on or before October 28th and the second is due on or before December 17th. Please visit with me about this requirement upon your return.