Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming Exam....Scheduled for Friday, January 4th...STUDY!

What did we do in class on Wednesday, February 2nd?

Dear Humanities Students,

If you missed class today we completed the following:

1.. I introduced the aspects of COMPOSITION, COLOR, MOOD, BALANCE/HARMONY, and MOVEMENT by using the "Raft of Medusa" as my model. Again, please see me upon your return.

2. We viewed a clip from Edward Scissor Hands that illustraed the five elements discussed above (composition, color, mood, balance/harmony, and movement)

Journal #3: Edward Scissor Hands
As you view the clip from Edward Scissor Hands, please discuss the five elements of design. What is the director indicating through his use of color, composition, balance, Movement and Mood?

5. We discussed the requirements for your "Cultural Event Reports." Two are required for the semester; the first is due on or before March 24th and the second is due on or before May 20th!. Please visit with me about this requirement upon your return. 

3. Your first EXAM is scheduled for Friday, January 4th. Prepare this way:
               a. What are the Humanities?
               b. Why is studying the Humanities so important?
               c. Why should an "observer" learn more of the time period and artist's personal life prior to making a judgement about a piece of art?
               d. Define the following terms and make sure you can apply them: Composition, Mood, Color, Balance/Unity, and Movement
               e. Students will randomly draw one piece of artwork from the "hat." They will then need to evaluate the piece using the above elements. We did this in class with "The Raft of the Medusa." In order to assist you with this section of the exam, I have included the pieces of artwork below. Realize that you won't know your focus until the day of the exam; however, you can easily learn more about them through some research.  Remember that I am going to ask you to comment on the composition, color, mood, balance/unity and movement in the piece that you select.

"Judith and Holofernes" by Artemisia Gentileschi

"Flagellation of Christ" by Piero della Francesca

"Melancholy" by Durer
"Burial of the Count of Orgaz" by El Greco
"Penitent Magdalene" by Georges de la Tour